Celebrity Styling

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Before I begin any service with a client, we have a consultation to discuss the look you want. I ask you a series of in-depth questions and go over any inspiration photos you’ve provided.

Product Placement:

As you know, many designers would love for you to wear their goods. Depending on the event or project, I can pull and borrow from any designer. To see my celebrity resume, Click Here.


Most things in a well-rounded wardrobe need to be purchased if you don’t want to wait on the tedious process of borrowing and gifting. For this, I love to shop online for you. If we need to shop in person together, I can arrange for private appointments at desired stores to ensure a comfortable experience. I can also shop in physical stores without you and bring your options to your home or office for you to try on. Online purchases will be made on your credit card, unless otherwise arranged. If I am shopping in a physical store without you and you have not given me my own credit card on your account, I will make the purchases on my credit card. Reimbursement for these items is due when they are put in your possession. Of course, you will receive copies of the receipts.