For many, hiring and using a personal fashion stylist is new territory. To get an idea of what to expect, listed below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive from new clients. Please read through each answer and e-mail me if you have any additional inquiries.

I get booked up very quickly, so there’s generally a 4-month wait until your first appointment. To ensure you don’t wait months between appointments, you must book all the sessions you anticipate needing right away. All clients should book 3-4 sessions for their first season with me. I advise booking them 10-30 days apart. Please do not book two appointments in the same week.

Note: There is no fee for canceling an appointment as long as you give me 12 hours notice. I would much rather you cancel an appointment you don’t need than need an appointment you can’t get. For those of you who cannot wait, I have two other stylists I can refer to you.

The 20-minute consultation takes place via Skype, Zoom or Facetime. The consultation is complimentary with the booking of 3 additional appointments. Each appointment must be scheduled 10 – 30 days apart. 
I will travel as far as needed. A small travel fee is required for areas 15 miles outside San Diego’s 92103 zip code. For travel by car 45-min or more away, my hourly rate goes into effect. Simply give me your address when you e-mail me to find out the travel fee.

For travel by plane, I require reimbursement of airfare and hotel stay. I only charge a small fee for my travel time since I love to travel.

Update: Due to the high demand for my service locally and virtually, I am temporarily suspending service to areas that are more than 40 minutes away by car. Thank you so much for your understanding!

Unfortunately, most of the time, no. If you are running late the day of one of our appointments, texting is absolutely the correct form of communication. Beyond that, email is the best form of communication with me. As you will learn, I use my cell phone to take pictures, make notes, and contact relevant professionals for you throughout each of our sessions together. I am completely dedicated to you during your allotted time with me, so any texts that are not relevant to our session are completely ignored. This means if you text me while I am with another client, that text can easily be accidentally opened and missed, aka email is the only way to ensure I have received your communication.

Lastly, after 15 years as a personal stylist, I have finally learned to carve out more time in my schedule away from work. Texts from clients can disturb this time reserved for myself. Thank you so much for your understanding!

I charge by the hour with a 6-hour minimum per client that you can use as you please. You pay me at the end of each session, unless otherwise discussed. I accept cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, and credit cards. Please e-mail me for my hourly rate, thank you!
I have done virtual styling with clients all over the country for years. Due to the pandemic, local clients are also now enjoying my virtual styling process. Click Here to see my instructions on how it works.
I almost exclusively do online shopping now since it is more efficient than going to numerous physical stores that often lack the styles and sizes we need. When shopping online, I utilize numerous online retailers to give you a selection of what we are seeking. Most of the time I use free shipping/free return retailers to ensure no money is wasted. Once I have picked out the items, I send you the links via e-mail for you to purchase them.

After the online purchases arrive we will look through the items together at your home. If you are a virtual client, we will go over the online shopping via a video call.

I am delighted to work with any and all body types from plus size to extremely petite. It does take more time to work with a unique body type though as we do a multiple rounds of online shopping, and work with a tailor. Below are examples of unique body types that are not readily available in physical stores and tend to take more time to work with…

Unique Sizes for Women:

  • Size 00 or smaller
  • Size 14+ in petite sizes
  • Size 20+ in regular sizing
  • 34-inch inseam or longer
  • 25-inch sleeve length or longer
  • 3+ size differences between one body part and another
  • 10 shoe size or larger
  • 5 shoe size or smaller
  • Narrow shoe sizes
  • Wide shoe sizes

Unique Sizes for Men:

  • 35-inch inseam or longer
  • 40-inch waist or larger
  • Size 29 waist or smaller
  • Size 50 chest or larger
  • Size 36 chest or smaller
  • Size 18 neck or larger
  • Size 14 neck or smaller
  • 3+ size differences between one body part and another
  • 13 shoe size or larger
  • 8 shoe size or smaller

First time clients generally need 2-4 rounds of online shopping (which we go over together at your home). When booking me for online shopping, select the “Wardrobe Planning” option on my booking software. After that, clients tend to book another two “Wardrobe Planning” sessions for the next season, about 3 months later. Once their summer and winter wardrobes are covered, clients book another couple of sessions each year for updates, events, or personal changes. Clients who travel often and attend many events prefer seeing me regularly, so they book a session with me every month.
On the rare occasion we do in store shopping, I prefer to do 2-3 hour sessions and we generally do 1 – 2 stores per session.

In San Diego, I generally stick to Fashion Valley Mall unless a client requests otherwise. The stores I prefer to take clients to are Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, Madewell, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss, GAP, Macy’s shoe section, DSW, and more. For online shopping, I use the stores mentioned above as well as Zappos, Revolve, Net-a-Porter, Shopbop, Amazon, Farfetch, Matches, MyTheresa, Etsy, and much more. Seriously, no store is safe from me 🙂

Note: I arrive 45 minutes prior to our shopping appointment to pull all the clothing you will be trying on, but I don’t start billing you until 30 minutes before our scheduled appointment.

 Yes, I make commissions on most online purchases I recommend. I am partnered with virtually every single online retailer in existence through affiliate marketing programs, like Rakuten and RewardStyle, so no store is favored over another.

I do not make commission on your purchases when we shop in physical stores and I do not work for any of the stores that we shop in, nor am I affiliated with the mall in any wayThe sales associate that assists us in the store makes the commission. 

With that said, I want to emphasize, whether shopping in-store or online, every store and garment I recommend is based entirely on what I think is best for you, my client. Honesty and ethics are of utmost importance to me.

If you are looking to remodel your wardrobe, anything less than $3,500 is inefficient. $3,500 – $5,000+ is best for a new core wardrobe. Another way to look at it is, on average, a quality garment costs $200. This average takes into account more expensive items like cashmere, silks, coats, and boots as well as less expensive garments and items on sale. For clients with high-end interest, suit needs, or a varied lifestyle a much larger budget is needed.
I no longer work with tight budgets, but I can most definitely refer you to a few trusted personal stylists that do. They work differently than me, but they are a delight. Simply contact me and I will send you their information.

Fun Tip: For free style and shopping advice from me, sign up for my free monthly newsletter. I also post free shopping advice on my Instagram stories.

I can! If you would like me to purchase your online shopping for you, I will need your credit card information. If you want me to do your returns for you, it would be my assistant who does that, but I charge you the same hourly rate for her hours. These hours can add up, so I encourage clients to do their own returns if they want to save money.
All my clients need some tailoring. For particular body types, many items we buy will need something taken in or hemmed. This can add to the budget, although absolutely worth it. Another surprise can be the extent of clothing you are lacking. Most people need/want much more than they realize, which adds up in both the cost of clothing and my hourly rate.
I cannot emphasize enough my ability to dress anyone. I can create any personal style from fashion-forward to a daily uniform. I have a tight schedule so I rarely have the time to update these images. Also, my clients’ privacy is essential therefore very, very few of my clients are featured on the Female Client Images page and Male Client Images page. These are just a few clients who gave me permission to use their outfit photos. No client photos are used without expressed permission of the client.
The closet purge generally takes 1.5 – 3.5 hours, although I have had a closet purge that lasted as little as 20 minutes and as long as multiple, lengthy appointments (10+ hours). It all depends on how much clothing you have. Yes, you will be trying on most things.