personal stylist san diego

Before I begin any service with a client, I sit down with you for a consultation to delve into your lifestyle, where your look is now, and where you want to take it. The majority of the time the consultation takes place at the client’s home directly before the Closet Purge.

For those that want to skip the Closet Purge and go straight to Personal Shopping, you do a phone consultation. For the phone consultation to be as effective as an in person meeting, I have you fill out a size chart, and I ask you to create a Pinterest Board.

FAQ On The Consultation

I get booked up very quickly, so I generally have a 1-3 month wait until your first appointment. To ensure you don’t have this wait between appointments, I highly recommend booking all the sessions you anticipate needing right away. For first time clients, I recommend booking 3-4 sessions. There is no penalty for canceling an appointment as long as you give me 12 hours notice. I would much rather you cancel an appointment you don’t need than need an appointment you can’t get. I do try to bump up clients with immediate needs, but sometimes it is not possible. (My sincere apologies.) For those of you who cannot wait, I have two other stylists I can refer to you.

After the consultation, I charge by the hour with a minimum of two. Once I quote you an hourly rate, it is safe from inflation for one year. You prepay for the first two hours. Once the two hours are completed, you pay me at the end of each session, unless otherwise discussed. I accept cash, check, and credit cards.

I will travel as far as needed. A small travel fee is required for areas 15 miles outside San Diego’s 92103 zip code. For travel 1-hour or more away, my hourly rate goes into effect. Simply give me your address when you e-mail me to find out the travel fee.