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    When I am not working with my private clients, I am styling catalogues, commercials, brand shoots, and editorials. I am known for my positivity, organization and taste level. I care about every shoot I work on.

    After fifteen years of delivering every type of aesthetic for a plethora of brands, I am narrowing down the projects I take on. I am most excited to curate sophisticated or thoughtful looks for fun, modern or upscale brands. If your shoot needs an experienced and detailed wardrobe stylist, please shoot me an email.

    Generally, my rate for a 1-day shoot with 2-4 talent and 15 looks is $3000. I charge $1000 for a 10-hour day on set, $1500 for prep and $500 for wrap. My prep work includes a wardrobe planner pdf with 2-3 client revisions, 1-2 video meetings with the client, coordination with the talent to ensure accurate sizing and “talent own” requests, as well as an in person fitting with the talent prior to the shoot day.

    As for wardrobe costs, I charge $100 – $200 per look. Cost depends on high-end desires and whether or not you require specific shoes. If I am able to use mostly “talent own” footwear and basics then I can keep it to $100 per look.

    To give you an accurate quote for your project, please let me know the…

    1. Number of adult talent
    2. Number of child talent
    3. How many days on set
    4. In studio or on location
    5. Length of time the talent will be wearing each look
    6. Print, video or both
    7. General body types of talent

    My rate can be flexible for the right project, so please do email me if your budget is close!

    Obviously one head-to-toe outfit costs more than $100 – $200. From shoes to jewelry, a single look can be $1000. Here are the ways I am able to keep wardrobe costs down…

    1. My stock wardrobe, shoes and jewelry
    2. Borrowing items from designers and boutiques
    3. Renting from wardrobe houses and other rental sources
    4. Returning items I’ve purchased (If you are not doing a formal “studio pull,” stores do not allow returning items that models/actors have worn, but stylists in good standing get away with this regularly)

    A stylist stays in good standing with stores like Nordstrom and Target by always keeping a percentage of everything they purchase. A stylist who “over returns” gets black listed. The standard is to keep 20% of what you have purchased. 

    As for incidentals, any shoot that involves talent wearing a clothing item more than 15 minutes risks incidentals. Any item that has body odor on it cannot be returned to a store whether it was purchased or borrowed. 

    On an in-studio shoot, stylists tape the bottom of the shoes to ensure the shoe remains “new”. Taping the bottom of a shoe only works for in-studio shoots where the ground is clean, flat and flawless, and the model/actor does not have to do more than stand or sit. Walking more than a couple steps in a shoe that is to be returned is not allowed – moving creates creases in most shoes.

    Taping the bottom of a shoe does not protect it from a floor that is not perfectly flat and clean. A location shoot always has miniscule rocks and sand that creates divots in the shoe through tape. So all location shooting requires the purchase of any shoe worn. I often keep the budget down by having talent bring their own footwear for certain looks that just require a flip flop or black pump etc.

    Charging, let’s say, $150 per look is the balance between the savings I get from borrowing and the incidentals.

    Last bit: I keep all the items that get “ruined” at each shoot. This is why I have a lush stock wardrobe, which your shoot will benefit from. But I am flexible on this when I am paid my full rate. 

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