Travel Capsule Wardrobe

personal stylist


The Travel Capsule wardrobe service is just a fancy way of saying Vanessa can help you plan and shop for the clothing and accessories you will need for a trip. Vanessa begins this service by discussing your destination, length of stay, weather, and what you will be doing when you get there. Vanessa first looks through your existing wardrobe for items that will work for the trip. She then makes a list of the items you are missing. Depending on the client, Vanessa does a combination of online and in store shopping to find the missing items. Once you have all clothing and accessories for the trip, Vanessa takes pictures of all the outfits within the travel capsule wardrobe for you to reference while traveling.

Vanessa has created travel capsule wardrobes for Russia, Asia, Europe, Korea, India, African Safari’s, equestrian retreats, campaign excursions, weekend getaways and extended stays.