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Vanessa was born and raised in San Jose, California before moving to San Diego to get her Costume Design degree in Theatre and Film. In 2006, she started her career as a wardrobe stylist for television dramas. Vanessa has worked with numerous celebrities including Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Buckley, and Joe Manganiello. Since then, she has expanded into commercials, editorials and catalogues shoots, but her main focus is personal styling. As a personal stylist, she adores the diversity of her clients and the authentic difference she can make in their lives.

In 2007, Vanessa created V-Style to deliver supplemental consulting to her female clients, and provide relevant fashion commentary for style-conscious women. Due to popular demand, Vanessa has recently launched V-Style for Men to assist style-conscious men.

Vanessa is passionate in protecting her clients and readers from the pretension and waste pushed on men and women by hungry sales associates and overzealous media sources. Vanessa values quality, truth and joy more than anything, and she believes personal style is exactly that, personal. There are no ten must-haves for everyone. There is no trend or brand that fits all.